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Leave The Plantation Org (LTP) exists to tell the “truth between the lies,” by understanding history and connecting the dots towards modern day current affairs. We also exist to tell the truth with BOLDNESS. Uncompromising Boldness!

Leave The Plantation Org vision is to reach out to rescue black and white Americans from the modern-day plantation mentality and lead them towards freedom. "If we are free why not act like it?"

We have the Spirit of FREEDOM, Do You?

The Spirit of Freedom stands against the spirit of slavery, discrimination, hatred and misery. It stands up against the spirit of defeat and despair, dependency and depression. The oppressed are afraid to face the forces of oppression. The oppressed do not think they can win against such a force. What they are looking for is a force capable of standing with them and for them. They need: Spirit of Freedom! Just stand up! Stand up against over taxing, over regulation and over bearing government. Stand up against the management of every aspect of your life. Who will stand?



No job, just income!

No job, just income!, Success is a process. Those who practice succeed.  About Clarence A Mason Clarence A. Mason is the founder of Clarence A. Mason Enterprises and works as an author and motivational speaker. His goal is to...

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Leave the Plantation Stands on Four Pillars


The very SPECs of America are these four pillars. And these SPECs built the foundation of America and they will be the only SPECs to keep it together. Separating these SPECs only decreases our effectiveness and strength to stand. There are examples of these separate SPECs working individually all over America, and no where can we find an example of unity among these four pillars, all working together in harmony. Where is the Unity?
Mason Weaver can speak flawlessly on all four of these pillars flowing seamlessly from one to the other, and maintain his influence—this is rare! Each one of the myriad venues show the power and extent of his influence around the country.


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Wisdom comes not from the journey, but from the experiences along the way!