Success breeds success. Trump is bringing success to America and it is over whelming the lies. Everyone can see the success of Trumps polices.
JUST A NOTE: Thanks to everyone for supporting Aniya. I especially appreciate those who pointed out her claim that Clinton was Impeached for rape. Aniya understands the impeachment charges was not that he raped Monica Lewinsky. She was thinking of the original case that eventually led to impeachment. The sexual assault of Paula Jones. In 1994, Paula Jones filed a lawsuit accusing Clinton of sexual harassment when he was governor of Arkansas. Having the State Police come and escort you to the Governors hotel suite and being greeted by the governor with his underwater down to his knees, caused the lawsuit. It lead to other women coming forward and others being exposed. Some accused him of physical assault, rape and attempted rape. Biting the lips, was an repeated charge. This pattern of behavior was Aniya’s reasoning not Monica being seduced by the president. Thanks guys. Grandpa