This hoax will result in long-term damage to America: Economically, Socially, Politically, and Spiritually. It is on purpose and by design. Destroy the American economy, increased government control, and enrich liberal organizations and groups.

Liberal groups are working on social issues while conservative groups work on and respond to political issues. The Liberals in the government, make it so government funds given to POLITICAL organizations illegal.

For example, the Unions, Planned Parenthood, Urban League, and the NAACP can be funded with federal funds, but Churches cannot. No federal funds are allowed to go to Judicial Watch, Turning Point USA, Leave the Plantation Org, or anti-abortion groups etc. Essentially, they are taking our tax dollars and funding our opposition.

But they cannot win, because we understand and can see clearly. Wait until the real battle begins, folks.
Stay Right or be Left; Eternity is a long time to be Wrong.

Clarence A. Mason