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American Express was advised that it shouldn’t try to “maximize profits” if it “cares about racial justice.”

This was just part of an internal “Anti-Racism Initiative” that the credit card company put its employees through in 2020. The critical race theory agenda also had employees rank their “privilege” to determine if they were “oppressors” or among the “oppressed.”

In response to this shocking finding, National Center Executive Vice President Justin Danhof, Esq. told the Fox Business Network:

As an American Express shareholder, this is deeply disturbing. Critical race theory trainings, such as the ones American Express subjected its employees to, are blatantly racist. Full stop.

Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Christopher F. Rufo obtained access to internal American Express training materials in which employees filled out a worksheet that used “race, sexual orientation, body type, religion, disability status, age, gender identity [and] citizenship” as factors to assess if they were “privileged” or part of a “marginalized group.” In a related session, those who were considered privileged were told to act in “intersectional allyship” with allegedly marginalized co-workers and “defer to them before speaking.”

This deference was explained in a handout that stated: “It’s not about your intent, it’s about the impact you have on your colleague.”

The training reportedly also included a speech about “race in corporate America” from Khalil Muhammad, the great-grandson of Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad. He claimed that the financial service company is “complicit in giving privileges in one community against the other, under the pretext that we live in a meritocratic system where the market judges everyone the same.” Therefore, he continued,”[i]f you want to do good, then you’re going to have to set up products and [product] lines that don’t maximize profit.”

Commenting on the radicalism of Muhammad and the harm critical race theory can inflict in a workplace, Justin said:

[T]he fact that they paid an outside firm – with shareholder money, mind you – to come and conduct seminars that divided American staffers by race, gender and who they prefer as sexual partners is insane.

The company’s management must explain how spending scarce resources to divide its staff along racial lines, potentially creating a hostile work environment, possibly increases shareholder value.

Furthermore, to invite a speaker like Khalil Muhammad to rail against American capitalism shows just how much socialist and even Marxist thought now permeates American businesses


Rather than embracing the woke premises of intersectionality that drive division, and economic policies that radically diverge from the company’s fiduciary responsibility to its investors, Justin called for a return to free-market solutions and political neutrality:

American capitalism is the greatest engine for human prosperity ever created by man, but all this woke nonsense is a cancer. Let’s hope we still have time to kill the cancer of woke before it takes down its host.

Earlier this year, the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project (FEP) challenged American Express CEO Stephen Squeri about the company’s opposition to election integrity reforms in Georgia – including voter ID. After being asked to “provide the timeline by which you will apply your objections [to ID requirements] to American Express’ policies and procedures,” Squeri walked back the company’s alliance with radicals to simply claim “the level of participation is key to maintaining a vibrant democracy.”

Author: David Almasi