(SEE the Video ABOVE) I don’t believe women are choosing their candidate based on how nice he appears to be. Are we saying women choose their elected officials, police chief, mayors, city councilmen all based on how much these folks cater to their feelings? Isn’t it insulting to tell women that someone made a hurtful comment towards another woman, therefore, they should not vote for them?

The women I know couldn’t care less if Trump is mean as long as he means he will “Build the Wall!” I don’t think women are as driven by their emotions as you pollster hint. So ladies, lets me ask you a question.

Would you rather illegal drugs be stopped or the president gives you compliments? Would you prefer the drugs your children are getting from Mexico be deterred by a Wall of the president tips his hat to you? Are you saying you would give up a tax break over being smiled at by the president?

You see, women know, more than men, when they are being courted, lied to or seduced and they are smart enough to know when it is worth it.

Illegal immigration, drugs, crime, jobs, retirement, taxes are far, far, far more important than some TRUMPed up “War on Women” and Women know it. You cannot fool American Women, they are working, running businesses, and they know what the future holds. They care about their children’s education, inheritance and controlling the government.

You clowns think you can scare American Women with fear tactics? You need to ask one. American Women don’t frighten easily and when they do, they fight back. Understand, if you REALLY attack an American Women, she will not need rescuing….YOU WILL.

The LEWD left and now the news Establishment Class republicans try to divide us into workable, manageable Groups. But that group called “woman” has never been manageable. They lead and they inspire.

So, ladies, have you had enough? Enough of being played like you are a bag of uncontrollable emotions? Enough of being told you need protection against mean powerful men? Had enough of being told, based on your gender you should think and vote a certain way?

Well, Join us and stand up. Become loud, organized and push back. We are all fighting for the same thing and we need you to join in with us. We cannot win this without your help. The judges who will preside over your children and grandchildren will be chosen by you. The status of America in the world will be determined by you.

Your husbands, brothers, uncles and friends have been fighting and now you must join us. You have always been able to depend on us, can we now depend on you?

leavetheplantation.org formally UR2BFree.com