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Violence and mayhem are roiling Minneapolis after another police-involved shooting. As this occurs, the narrative created and perpetrated by the media and left-wing activists does nothing more than increase racial tensions and cause more economic and emotional damage in the Twin Cities in particular and America at large.

There are several leading factors in the death of Duante Wright. First, Wright struggled to escape officers seeking to arrest him for an outstanding warrant discovered during a routine traffic stop. And an arresting officer appears to have mistakenly drawn her gun instead of her Taser, firing the fatal shot.

Neither of these factors advance an claim made by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar that this is “a basic part of police interactions with communities of color.” And it doesn’t lend credence to Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley’s comparison of police to “slave patrols” and her assertion that “[w]e can’t reform this.” Or the commentary by a CNN legal analyst who said this is “so illustrative of what black and brown people across the country have been enduring” – including attacks on their character and their persons.

In a segment with Tucker Carlson on the Fox News Channel, Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper dispelled the notion that black and brown people are targets. More importantly, he pointed out that black Americans are specifically NOT buying into the narrative of systemic American racism or “all cops are bad” sloganeering.

“It’s hard to believe this is happening yet again,” Tucker commented. “You gotta think it’s only happening because certain people are benefiting from this.”

Horace replied: “That’s exactly correct,” adding:

What we’re seeing is the same lie… that, in the 21st century, America is a place where people are being snuffed out, killed solely on the basis of their race.

And now we’re seeing a second lie added to the first lie… that all black Americans have bought into this lie.

Every survey asked this summer, all the way to the present, of Americans – but particularly black Americans – asked the question: Do you want more police support or less police support? More funding or less funding? And black Americans said they wanted more.

With calls from the left for new restrictions on police powers, despite ongoing riots and looting and long-term increases in crime as a result of past de-policing efforts, Tucker remarked that it “kinda leaves the mob in charge.”

Horace exclaimed, “absolutely it does!” He added:

And is it any wonder that, just like blacks said we want more police, that black Americans are going and legally buying firearms because they – like the rest of America – are worried that the government is going to fall down on its primary responsibility: protecting people?

Who’s to blame? The usual suspects – with deadly results:

And the media is going around validating this behavior – calling looting “demonstration.” Going around saying black Americans need to be concerned when we have nearly 50 law enforcement officers dead already this year.

Author: David Almasi