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                 Appeasement Never Works! Part III

                      you can’t negotiate with the 


                             All you’ll get is empty promises

filled with

                       Platitudes and Phoney Euphemisms

Op-Ed by Pastor James Wesley Jr Sunday 19, July 2020 @0546

The violence we see sweep our nation is truly troubling. We see chaos and violence of every sort as as our cities are ablazeThis exploded when police officers arrested a black man George Floyd

for bouncing a check. They had him restrained his  hands were cuffed behind his back ,and the policeman had the suspect on the ground with his knee on his neck. The suspect was crying “I can’t breathe”… yet the arresting officer persisted… and the black man died as a result. This immediately resulted in peaceful demonstrations turning violent nationwide. There has been violent attacks on police, fire bombing of businesses and looting, with ongoing shootings in cities like Chicago where the death toll is increasing daily.

       This violence is being led primarily by two     organizations “Black Lives Matter and Antifa”. The BLM’S excuses for their response is righteous indignation”…This by no means justified the chaos,and violence exploding in commercial districts, and affecting black businesses is an obvious contradiction to their stated