Liberals seek rulers; conservatives seek freedom. This is why we cannot win arguments with them. This is why they will never “get it,” wake up, see the light or convert. What they call success, we call failure. They cannot win unless we lose. This is why they think you hate them when you disagree with them, because they hate you when they disagree with you.

They worship the abuser; we try to eliminate the abuser. They have a spirit about them always seeking to fight for control over or “take care” of others. It is the same spirit as feudalism, serfdom, indentured servitude, slavery, sharecropping and all of the anti-poverty welfare programs.

After freedom, the spirit of liberalism will seek to go back to captivity, cruelty and servitude. The Jews sought Egypt after freedom. Black descendants from slaves are seeking and demanding a return to the Plantation today. They think “minimum” wages are desirable, not “maximum” wages. Liberals are struggling for “low” income housing, not “high” income housing. They see a government program, taxes, regulations, licensing or fees as solutions to every problems facing the American people. As a matter of fact, there is not one problem facing the world today for which liberals do not have a government program to manage.

Black “Lies” Matter has a list of demands of white people, things they insist be given to them. That is a self-esteem problem associated with the spirit of liberalism. Black people never demanded anything except freedom. We did not march for welfare, the Great Society, affirmative action or 20 acres and a mule. We marched for freedom. However, the spirit of liberalism has grown into monster demanding programs. There is a reason all of these institutions are called “programs.” They are programming us. Black men are forced out of the family, resulting in women raising boys surrounded by men taking advantage of their mothers. It has had its desired results.

We have given up on competing and now demand feeding. We think our job is begging, protesting and blocking traffic. We are demanding “separation” with safe spaces and allowing white guilt to make white people feel not only superior to blacks, but guilty as well. And the NAACP is actually proposing disarming good citizens in communities where gangs are terrorizing residents. We ignore the success around ourselves and allow the self-appointed tribal chiefs to speak on our behalf. And the liberal masters appreciate that. They love welfare programs. Not only do such programs reward only those administering them, but also guarantee that your children will not be able to compete against their children.

It is not racism on their part; it is stupidity on our part. We surrender our children into these “gang-prep” public schools; we give awards to the most negative singers and entertainers; and we ignore the hardworking independent black Americans raising their children to succeed in America – because they make liberal blacks look lazy.

Liberals controls every ghetto in America, and they are nothing but slave-training camps. There is not one thing liberals have done in the ghetto they could brag about, but this ineffectiveness has been a great political and economical boost to liberalism.

I said “has been” because liberals are really losing ground in the black community. There are great signs that the slaves really do want to leave the Plantation. Maybe my book “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation” came out 20 years too late, or it is just waking people up.

The flood of notable black people speaking out is growing. They are well-known, powerful, looked up to as leaders in their fields, and their attention to this will have effects. BET (Black Entertainment Television) is the premier black cable network. Its founder, Robert Johnson, became the first black billionaire with his television empire. Recently, he was interviewed about Trumps’ effect on the black community, and he shocked everyone.

Mentioning the lowest black unemployment rate in history and the thinnest gap between white pay and black pay, Johnson told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that something is going right under Trump.

The spirit of slavery has been strong in this country, and maybe the slaves really are trying to break free. This would explain the liberals’ push for more uneducated illegal immigrants from South America to replace those black slaves leaving the liberal Plantation.

Welcome to the light, welcome to the truth, welcome to freedom. “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation!”