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For quite a few months now, my family has been living a normal life, unimpeded by covid hysteria. Sure, it’s not perfect: the restaurants are open again, but we do have to wear masks for a few seconds while walking to our table. Also during the few moments while we walk indoors to our offices, and in grocery stores, etc. Given that I think the science is clear, and masks do no, or virtually no, good, I eagerly await the day when we can burn them all. (Didn’t feminists do that with bras many years ago? Pretty good analogy.)

Is the mask dam starting to break? I think so. In Iowa, Governor Kim Reynolds has lifted her state’s mask mandate. In Texas, too, Governor Abbott has said businesses can operate at full capacity, and no more masks. In Mississippi, Governor Tate Reeves has revoked the state’s mask mandate in all counties. And I believe there are a few more who have taken similar steps, like Montana and North Dakota, joining South Dakota which never had a mask law in the first place.

As I say, the dam is breaking. Weirdly, many of the states that require masks are taking an anti-science line toward them. They, with help from the ever-unreliable federal government, are promoting the idea that even after you get vaccinated, you still have to wear a mask. Not to protect yourself, but to protect others. How you can transmit a disease you don’t have to someone else remains a mystery.

Why do the authorities insist on such a patently unscientific position? Simple: you can’t tell, visually, whether a person has been vaccinated or not. Thus, authoritarian politicians and bureaucrats fear that if they admit that vaccinated people don’t need to continue wearing masks, then everyone will stop wearing them. And they won’t know whom to shame.

If you have had just about enough of this nonsense, you are not alone. If the more fascist states (Minnesota, Illinois, California–wear the mask between bites!) continue their oppressive mask hysteria, the demographic movement from crazy states to sane states will only accelerate. Sadly, I live in one of the former.

Author: Frances Rice