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Did businesses know what they were doing when they signed onto the Human Rights Campaign’s “Business Coalition for the Equality Act”?

The radical legislation, now awaiting a vote in the U.S. Senate, would – according to businessman Robert Netzly – “institutionalize intolerance and inequity for millions of Americans, especially women and people of faith.” And, he added in a Christian Post commentary, “conscientious companies know it.”

Netzly, the author of the bestselling book Biblically Responsible Investing, reached out to Free Enterprise Project Director Justin Danhof, Esq., for his opinion on why companies would sign onto efforts to pass such a divisive and destructive bill. Justin noted:

Based on the responses we have received, it’s clear that many of these companies have no idea what they are supporting.

The Equality Act would cancel certain federal religious liberty protections and would also be highly detrimental to women and girls in multiple settings, such as sports and shelters.

Netzly agreed:

As the CEO of a faith-based investing firm, I talk to a lot of corporate executives to share the viewpoints and concerns of our biblically responsible investors. Based on my conversations with leaders of companies listed on the Business Coalition for the Equality Act, I believe what they are endorsing is the name of the “Equality” Act but not the content. They want to be known for supporting “Equality,” but it is highly questionable whether they understand what this law would actually do.

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Author: David Almasi