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While President Biden claims the economy is booming under his leadership, the bank accounts of many Americans are going bust just trying to make ends meet. Even the liberal CNN news channel is fact-checking him these days – finding his boasts to be malarkey.

So is Project 21 Co-chairman Horace Cooper. On the “Fox News @ Night” program, responding to White House claims that the Biden administration is “moving this country in a better direction,” he responded: “That’s absolutely wrong.”

But don’t take it only from Horace. As he pointed out to Fox News host Shannon Bream and fellow panelist David Carlucci, “[t]he American people disagree” with Biden’s assessment.

In that regard, Biden has exhibited his one true success – making himself the most unpopular president in the modern era:

The American people have been saying now, almost 45 days in a row – when asked how unhappy are you about your present economic situation, about the job the president is doing, about America, even our patriotism – the American people are saying, in circumstance after circumstance, that this president’s poor stewardship of our economy, of our nation, of our national security is something that they do not like, they do not embrace and there’s a day of reckoning coming.

Horace noted “that it’s precisely because he refuses to change course.”

When Carlucci repeated the Biden talking points about jobs filled and allegedly higher inflation rates abroad, it still remained easy for Horace to point out that any Biden recovery – if it can be called such a thing – is too little and too late:

There is absolutely too much month left after the paycheck ends for too many American households. And that’s not an accident.

It’s the actual poor policies of this president… The problem here is it isn’t having to be this way, and it wasn’t always this way.

People are able to just look back three summers ago and see that life was far different than the way that it is. Go to the grocery store. The common items that most people have been assuming they’d be able to get, they’re not able to get!

I like Fairlife whole milk. I have to go to three or four stores just to find it!

“That’s not a growing economy,” Horace commented. “That’s the life that many, many Americans are experiencing.”

Author: David Almasi