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The official title of Joe Biden’s massive spending package is the “Build Back Better Act,” but Project 21 member Deroy Murdock has renamed it the “Build Bigotry Better Act.”

In a Fox News commentary, Deroy details the bill’s race-obsessed nature – nothing that it contains “one race-fueled time bomb after another just waits to explode if, God forbid, Biden signs this measure into law.”

Among the worst of Deroy’s discovered amidst the advertised $3.5 trillion in spending:

  • $39.6 billion in grants for school infrastructure that tie the money to the school’s reporting back data to Uncle Sam about health and safety, enrollment diversity, educational equity, environmental sustainability and climate resilience.
  • $1 billion for an “Electric Vehicle Charging Equity Program” that shows favoritism to “disadvantaged businesses” defined by the fact their owners are female or a member of a minority racial group.
  • $1 billion to hire health care educators from “underrepresented” racial and ethnic groups.
  • Tuition assistance reserved for school’s specifically assisting black and Asian students.
  • Mandating employers to provide race, gender and sexuality data of paid-leave beneficiaries “for the purposes of promoting equity.”

If that’s not telling enough, Deroy counted up the appearance of certain key words in the bill. He found “equity” 44 times and “racial” 34 times. “Equality?”  Not once.

Deroy warned that the bill “will dispatch countless federal ethnocrats” and “underwrite a brigade of racial bean counters to obsess over melanin and decide which people can or cannot convert their pigmentation into paydays.”

To make matters worse, he noted that despite the outrageous $3.5 trillion sticker price, it is highly likely that it will cost much, much more:

Once stripped of accounting gimmicks and augmented with $200 billion in debt-service obligations, this leviathan’s true, 10-year cost totals $5.9 trillion. That equals $41,172 for each of America’s 143.3 million taxpayers.

“The fact that it weaponizes federal racial fetishism,” Deroy wrote, “is just one of 5.9 trillion reasons why Joe Biden’s abominable Build Bigotry Better Act deserves blistering defeat… [I]t should be buried in a shallow grave on Capitol Hill.”

To read all of Deroy’s Fox News commentary – “Biden’s $3.5T Spending Plan Ought to Be Called the Build Bigotry Better Act” – click here.

Author: David Almasi