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not sure why the Biden team keeps making the same
mistake over and over again, seemingly thinking if
they just get Joe out there more, they can convince
people he’s competent. That’s a horrible strategy,
as he only continues to make things worse. 

example, with his ABC interview on Friday night, he
needed to allay any fears, or why do it? 

once again, he only dug
the hole deeper, and it only made things
worse. So, again, why do it?

of the problem was the delusion/lying that was rampant
throughout the interview. 

even claimed that no one could get crowds out like
he could, citing his supporters in Wisconsin. 

But Biden’s crowd topped out at
maybe 200, with a good deal of them being media.

And he’s saying that compared to former President
Donald Trump who can draw tens of thousands to an
event. That was perhaps his
most bizarre moment of denialism,
there was a lot going on. 

kept refusing to accept the polls that showed that
Trump was ahead or that his
own approval was at a dismal 36 percent. 

goodest job” — is that even English? 

also had some just outright lying
when he tried
to put down Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) for assembling a
group of senators to reach out to him to step aside. He
claimed Warner tried to run for the nomination,
which was untrue.
But that’s Biden, when
challenged, he lies. It’s not just the cognitive
decline; it’s the sociopathy, too. 

reactions to the interview were not good across the
board. I didn’t see anyone who thought it achieved its

Democratic operative David Axelrod, who, when
talking about an early released clip of the interview,
called it “disjointed” and not helpful:

still didn’t seem like he [Joe Biden] had completely
grasped what happened and why,”
Axelrod said.
Not exactly what you want to hear when you’re trying
to assure people you’re cognitively well. 

also pounded home the point that Biden isn’t dealing
with — it isn’t about what he’s done in the past,
although I differ from Axelrod. I think Biden has been
horrible. But the problem, as Axelrod noted, is his
capability for the next four years and what shape he’s
in now — and he’s not up to
the job. “There’s nothing…that would give people
confidence,” Axelrod said. 

Julie Tsirkin reported:

One House Democrat on
President Biden’s interview tonight:“It made me
sad. Completely out of
touch with reality and insulated from truth.” 

“I’ll be breaking my silence soon.”

there was pollster Nate Silver, who said, “I
wimped out in today’s column and deleted a line
saying he should formulate a plan to transition the
presidency to Harris within 30-60 days, but I’m
there now. Something is clearly wrong here.”

He explained, “The most
generous way to put it is that he doesn’t seem
in command.
” He also thought they
were now going to put a lot more pressure on Biden
to step aside.

He found Biden’s comment during the interview in which he declined to take a
cognitive test disqualifying on its own. 

Jonathan Karl declared the effort a failure of its
goal — to allay fears. 

noted that for some Democrats, it was raising “new
concerns” because of Biden’s apparent
obliviousness to how dire his situation was
He said that Biden’s response about how he would
feel if Trump won was particularly alarming to Dems.

is nothing in this interview that is calming
nerves of jittery Democrats,”
he said. 

Matt Vespa at our sister site, Townhall observed,
this picture of the ABC panel reacting to Biden
during the interview pretty much did in his it’s
just a “bad night” narrative. This said it all.