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Before she logged off to host her own internationally-broadcast radio show, Stacy Washington – co-chairman of the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network – appeared on Newsmax TV’s “Spicer & Co.” to reject the leftist narrative that “systemic racism” is keeping black Americans down.

Asked by guest host Tom Basile and co-host Lyndsay Keith about epidemic lawlessness in America’s cities – and a lack of punishment for those caught in the act – Stacy said those who are trying to make this problem a racial issue have it all wrong:

We don’t have a race problem… What we have is a crime problem.

Stacy noted that the appalling statistics regarding shootings and property crimes in places such as Chicago and New York City are compounded by the lack of follow-through in prosecuting those who are caught in the act:

It’s an extension of their whole no-cash bail program – where you assault someone on the street, go get arrested and you’re back out in 15 minutes. You’re not held in jail. You’re not disincentivized from committing crime.

This is worse, though, because the people who were most harmed by that [were] the ones who lost their sense of peace and safety. The business owners who had their businesses looted who – contrary to popular belief – the insurance is not guaranteed to cover that. So they lost merchandise. They lost actual time when their businesses were closed so that they could be repaired.

And then there’s the overall sense of malaise that is plaguing New York City right now. There’s just a lot of outgoing and not a lot of incoming. People are not willing to move to New York anymore for opportunity.

Incredulous that city officials actually believe “this is the right way to go,” Stacy warned:

This is a serious situation. It’s also ushering in a sense of lawlessness.

Pointing out that “prosecution should not be that difficult,” Stacy explained how it is often politics among the prosecutors that is the source of the problem:

[T]he crime problem is exacerbated by areas where they refuse to prosecute.

George Soros had his run of the way. [H]e was just funding the campaigns of these “Soros prosecutors,” and they’ve been entrenched now. And their aim is to usher in what we’re seeing now. Leftists can violently protest with impunity, but people on the right are demonized simply for existing or simply for being at workplaces and not wanting to be indoctrinated.

It’s a two-tiered system, and we should be standing up against it. There’s no way that God-fearing Americans, agnostic Americans and any kind of Americans at all should be OK with one person being prosecuted for a crime and the person next to them – who commits the same crime – walking away with no consequence.

Commenting on increased use of critical race theory as a means of pushing the left’s agenda, Stacy suggested that her support for the recently-enacted Juneteenth national holiday has been tested by those who tie their political agendas to efforts promoting equality and civil rights:

I actually thought that the Juneteenth national holiday was a good thing until I looked and saw what it was called.

So I still support the holiday, but it’s called a “national independence day.” We don’t need another national independence day – that’s July the 4th.

I’m mentioning that because these things all come together in a timeline. And it’s an intentional misrepresentation.

Stacy said the racial rhetoric is an attempt by liberals to cover up the fact that they are ignoring the real needs of the black community:

[T]his is just another attempt for [liberals] to paper over their lack of performance in the black community. They don’t actually deliver anything for us. And when I say us – I may live in the suburbs, but I’m still black. And I’m part of the community of America. But, according to the anthropological data and the way we’re divided on government forms, I’m in the black community as well.

I expect Joe Biden to do as much for me as he would for people in the LGBT community, the white community. Whatever community he’s pandering to, he should be pandering to me, too, as the president. But he’s not doing that.

We’re getting holidays. Other communities are getting actual policy… He has his favorites.

Author: David Almasi