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Supply chain chaos. Growing energy dependence. COVID mandates that make no sense. These are all parts of the maddening Biden agenda.

In a Townhall commentary, Scott Shepard – director of the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project – asks: “What are they up to?”

To answer his own question, he ominously warns: “They’re trying to break us.”

Consider the supply chain crisis. One of the key issues is finding enough truck drivers to take the shipping containers out of the ports. Yet, thanks to a law passed in the Obama era that goes into effect early next year, it will be harder to get a commercial driver’s license (CDL). A new requirement forces aspiring drivers to complete their training at schools approved of and listed in a federal registry. It has experts concerned about a barrier to entry for those who will no longer have access to the smaller and more affordable schools that can’t get on the government’s list.

So why doesn’t the Biden Administration step in and do something? They can’t really say their hands are tied. After all, this is the White House team that continued to push an eviction moratorium and vaccine mandate against warnings from courts about their constitutionality. Scott notes that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg “almost certainly has the power to delay or waive this new costly government mandate given the transportation-system breakdown.”

“Wouldn’t that be a better idea,” he suggests, “than declaring bridges racist while fostering the falsehood that electric autos eliminate the need to pay for fuel?”

But it’s probably not going to happen. Just like there’s likely no substantial relief at the gas pump despite the ability to restart and reinstate Trump-era policies that helped make America energy independent. Or the fact that legal travelers suffer though indignity and inconvenience under COVID regulations while the same strictness doesn’t seem to apply when it comes to infected illegal aliens crossing the southern border. Helping the average American out doesn’t seem to be a Biden Administration priority.

Is that on purpose?

Scott explains how it would appear this breakdown is all by design:

The purely incompetent can’t be this programmatically malevolent. So the latter must be working toward something.

And what is that something? To crush the self-sufficient and independently minded middle class. It’s long been understood that a free people must have a strong and thriving middle class.

If energy prices are driven through the roof, then our lives will be constrained, and we’ll be more reliant on government transport. But perhaps most importantly, “energy assistance” programs can be set up to help the poor (making them even more biddable), and the rich will be fine, but the middle class will be crushed.

Likewise, the supply-chain problems make us more willing to accept shoddy in everything – more used to settling. Giving illegal entrants to our country more rights and privileges (and cash: remember the $450,000 checks to the families of illegals) robs us of our dignity and the notion that proud Americans have immutable rights in our own country.

“[E]ven the incompetent sometimes make decisions that work out reasonably well,” Scott adds. “If everything works out in the same horrifying direction, it’s a good bet that the incompetence is backed by concerted malevolence.”

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Author: David Almasi