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“Now China’s coming for our pets.”

That’s the warning that National Center Senior Fellow Horace Cooper spells out in a Newsmax commentary about the threat posed by an influx of substandard and dangerous Chinese ingredients that have made their way into pet food, dietary supplements and treats sold in grocery stores, big-box retailers and pet shops across the United States.

“As they’ve done in other industries,” Horace explains, “Beijing has manipulated the pet food supply chain by undercutting the competition — in this case by using inferior, even dangerous products — to become the world’s leading pet food ingredient exporter.”

He adds:

China frequently refuses to label the national origins of its ingredients or even accurately label the actual ingredients themselves – meaning that items labeled as meat and vegetables might be neither…

Rather than maintain their vigilance, however, today’s U.S. pet food industry appears to have quietly began using third-party vendors to get ingredients without having to properly label them as having originated from China.

While many retailers are recognizing this threat from China, there are others claiming market domination leaves them no other choice but to use those Chinese ingredients. Horace says: “Don’t believe it.” He points out that “China may be one source for cheap, bulk ingredients but they are not the only option.”

Yet there is a problem with the White House putting China in the dog house:

Trump recognized just how much Beijing took advantage of America while Biden acts as if China’s just misunderstood…

Just as progress was being made, President Biden shows up with his good cop, better cop routine.

Biden, who conspicuously uses his pets as political props in the White House, should recognize the Chinese threat and stop excusing China’s bad behavior – especially when it puts American pets at risk.

“Retailers and consumers shouldn’t have to act alone,” Horace advises. “The feds should challenge the ease of China’s ability to export tainted pet food.”

To read all of Horace’s Newsmax commentary – “China Threat Now Encompasses ‘Man’s Best Friend’” – click here.

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Author: David Almasi