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Facing “significant skepticism” from the American people, President Joe Biden and his White House team are experiencing devastating disapproval ratings. Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper said it’s because the president doesn’t trust the American people to do the right thing and has truly earned this brutal pushback.

According to a recent ABC News poll conducted by Ipsos, 69% of Americans disapprove of the Biden approach to inflation in particular, while 57% oppose his economic policies in general. Biden’s handling of rising crime got a 61% disapproval rate. And COVID response, traditionally an area in which people have trusted Biden, grew in discontent to 45%.

“All three of these problems reflect a fundamental failure,” Horace remarked on the Fox News Channel program “Fox News @ Night.” “And that is that our president and his administration do not believe that we Americans are capable of governing ourselves.”

Horace explained that the Biden style of governance is to push people rather than persuade them to adhere to his policies:

He doesn’t persuade us to take the vaccine. He mandates it.

He doesn’t say that we’re going to hold accountable those individuals that prey on the least of us. He says that we’ve got to make sure there’s equity. We’ve got to make sure that we’re being fair to people – because he knows better than we do.

And “Build Back Better” – or as I refer to it, “Building Back Bad” – just takes terrible ideas that have never worked, that are costly and harming the economy and are premised on the idea Washington, D.C. knows better than you. These ideas don’t work, and the American people are rejecting them.

Addressing the liberals’ overall mandate approach to government, Horace suggested that short-term wins for their use of force will likely be reassessed or rectified over the long run.

A former law school professor, Horace pointed out that vaccine mandates to address COVID concerns are harmful to constitutional liberties. And while the U.S. Supreme Court recently upheld a state-imposed vaccine mandate for New York health care workers, a willful enforcement of absolutes against natural immunity concerns and religious objections is an issue that cannot go unaddressed:

The natural immunity issue is one of the reasons the American people aren’t being persuaded to voluntarily go along.

Here’s a prediction: When I taught constitutional law and we focused on the First Amendment, particularly religious liberty, I explained that ultimately – and if you looked at the line of cases, what you see is that – the Court, even begrudgingly, says that this American society must accommodate to the freedom of religion, and religion [and] expressions associated with those.

And that means things like the [military] draft. We say that we’re gonna draft you. But if you say that you’re a pacifist and you’re motivated by faith, you’re exempt. So even in the national security context, in the classroom, in the workplace – even if you are a federal government employee – I look at today’s ruling and the earlier one in May and say that these were emergency appeals.

“Emergency” is obviously only meant to cover the short-term. Despite the Court upholding New York’s mandate now, the notion that it will uphold such practices forever seems likely, says Horace:

When these cases percolate, and if the mandate topic and COVID are still around in over a year or so, these are gonna rise up through the circuits and precedent is going to apply.

And I believe—ultimately – the Court is going to rule that it has been unfair, unconstitutional and unlawful for government not to provide that religious accommodation.

Author: David Almasi