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President Biden’s green agenda is actually in competition with his interest in children. Which will end up being the most important to him?

In an article in the Washington Examiner, investigative journalist Kevin Mooney points out that a Biden executive order on clean energy and environmental justice is problematic by the metrics of leftist greens and “could put the children Biden champions in a compromising position.”

This is because the transition from fossil fuel energy sources and mining needs for a renewable energy infrastructure will have “massive costs and environmental impact of green energy materials.” This, Mooney writes, will “jeopardize the health, wellness and safety of the most vulnerable populations.”

According to a new report by the International Energy Agency (IEA), there are “significant economic, environmental, geopolitical and ethical ramifications that are a harsh reality” in pushing the green energy agenda.

Shockingly, the Green New Deal era cannot begin without taking a severe toll on the environment:

The IEA report shows that whatever emissions might be saved by driving electric cars would be canceled out by the emissions generated as a consequence of the mining used to obtain the materials that go into electric cars!

And when it comes to child welfare, National Center Senior Fellow Bonner Cohen, Ph.D., lent his expertise to explain how children – particularly those already living in dangerous conditions – will see their quality of life further endangered:

The clean, green future envisioned by the Biden administration for our children will not be possible without cobalt, which is used in batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) and as backup power for wind turbines and solar arrays.

Sixty percent of the world’s cobalt comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where child labor is used in the mining of cobalt. Children there are sent into the mines as young as age seven. What about these children? Their lives are being sacrificed so that Wall Street investment houses and purveyors of green energy can make out like bandits from an industry already awash in taxpayer subsidies.

All of this should be considered a gross violation of the human rights and environmental justice agenda that the Biden Administration publicly embraces. It creates a defining moment for the White House to show if crass special interests and political goals are actually driving the White House agenda.

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Author: David Almasi