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Despite public outrage, Big Tech companies continue to blatantly censor news and information in forums such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. This hurts all Americans — and perhaps black Americans the most.

In a new Daily Caller commentary, Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper joins forces with Paul Teller — the Executive Director of Advancing American Freedom — to spell out how these specific attacks on free speech hurt black Americans disproportionately:

Families that can’t afford to pay for subscriptions to news organization sites like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post or the Washington Times, rely on social media to get badly needed information about the issues and public policy debates of the day. Censorship means that task is harder and biased. And because black households tend to have lower incomes, they need this access most.

Sadly, many on the Left are still willing to dismiss this on the basis that it is “necessary to protect American democracy.” This line of thought, unsurprisingly, has become the unique calling card of the progressive Left, and is often used to justify unprecedented levels of government control that ignore public consent, ultimately hurting Americans and especially black Americans.

Just like the myth that black people are not capable of getting an ID, posts and reports that reveal a record number of blacks voted in the last election in Georgia are treated as disinformation by Big Tech.

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Author: The National Center