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In advance of the second round of impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, National Center General Counsel Justin Danhof, Esq., warned that congressional action against the president based on claims of inciting violence and challenging election results, in an action that might stretch beyond his term of office, could set a “crazy precedent.”

“We all condemn the violence at the Capitol,” Justin pointed out. “But if we’re talking about inciting violence, President Obama’s rhetoric against the police led to five law enforcement officers gunned down in Dallas. Should we go back and try to [impeach] Obama for that? I don’t think so.”

He noted that it was Nancy Pelosi who claimed the election was “hijacked” in 2016, and that members of her party also claimed the 2004 election was stolen.

In an interview with Carrie Sheffield on the Real America’s Voice network program “Just the News AM,” Justin – who is director of the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project – also spoke about the silencing of the president and conservatives on social media. He said this problem was obvious long ago, and that conservatives must shoulder much of the blame for ignoring it while suggesting that “the free market will solve this”:

They said, just create a new platform. If you don’t like censorship occurring on Facebook and Twitter against conservatives – which has been happening for a decade – create a new platform. So Parler did! But then [Big Tech] disappeared Parler. They’re like an unperson from George Orwell’s 1984 at this point.

Justin compared what Big Tech is doing in the United States to how these companies are acting in China:

Let’s parallel this to how Apple operates in China.

At the behest of the Chinese Communist Party, Apple – of course – deletes many apps from its app store, largely news apps, at the behest of the Chinese Communist Party. And, specifically, they deleted apps that the freedom fighters in Hong Kong were using to communicate and to get information and to get news…

So clearly, in China, Apple is operating as an extra-governmental arm of the Chinese Communist Party – acting at the behest of the communists to do what they want. Well, we have folks like Nancy Pelosi and AOC, Kamala Harris in the United States calling on Twitter and Facebook and others to ban President Trump.  And to take down Parler.

And what are they doing? They’re honoring those requests.

This creates a dangerous situation for transforming free speech protections and the open discussion of news and ideas in America. And the impact has been seen on Wall Street.

Twitter’s permanent ban of President Trump led to a dramatic loss of share value for the company. The company’s political decision has hurt it financially, putting investors at risk:

Lawsuits should abound from shareholders.

Because boards of directors and management – their job, under state law, is to act as a steward for shareholders. That is their legal obligation. They are not to act as an extra-governmental arm of one party of another.

Justin said that, like in China, these companies appear to be acting “to appease a political class.”

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Author: David Almasi