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In what can only be generously called a backhanded compliment, President Joe Biden probably further divided the nation by race when he recently suggested black Americans cannot succeed on their own.

In remarks he made while marking the centennial of the Tulsa race riots, Biden said blacks are “just as capable” as other Americans but allegedly cannot succeed on their merits alone because “they don’t have lawyers [and] they don’t have accountants.”

On the Fox News Channel program “Watters’ World,” Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper pointed out his own very existence proves Biden’s claim wrong:

I’m black. I’m a lawyer. I’ve got a cousin who’s an accountant!

Asked by host Jesse Watters why Biden would want to make black Americans look bad like that, Horace pointed to political expediency in the promotion of the left’s ambitious agenda for remaking America. By pursuing this strategy, Biden and his former boss Barack Obama have squandered opportunities and pointedly chosen not to use their special position for the benefit of the nation:

It appears that it’s useful to talk down to black America and to the rest of the country. Again, one of the things a president can do that is most remarkable – that almost no one else can do – is to inspire us.

As for how things could have been handled better, Horace suggested:

President Biden… could have brought some entrepreneurs. He could have brought some successful people. And he could have said: these are examples of what’s possible in America. Instead, he says [there’s] actually a real divergence between who can achieve and who can’t achieve.

That’s not true about America, and it’s really disappointing that he doesn’t see his role as inspirer-in-chief instead of denigrator-in-chief.

When Watters wondered why Biden would knowingly do such a thing, Horace noted it would require Biden to begin “treating people like adults, and this president doesn’t want to do that.” He added:

I actually don’t understand where the president is going other than denigrating people. His idea appears to be what they refer to often as the bigoty of low expectations. You say to people – instead of inspiring them – you talk down to them. And you excuse them. And you take away a lot of the incentive and initiative.

Horace remarked that Biden should have said,  “we’re gonna learn the lessons of bad incidents that happened in our past and come together to do better.” Yet he did not:

Instead of that, he talked down to us. He divided us. And then he lied about America – claiming that white supremacy is one of the biggest problems facing the homeland today. Outrageous!

Author: David Almasi