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Free Enterprise Project Director Scott Shepard writes in his latest commentary for Real Clear Markets: “One might think [Larry] Fink would be more careful, given that he carries a raft of fiduciary duties to investors and shareholders… But no. While he occasionally makes transparently false statements about the nonpartisan character of his interference with the governance and planning at the rest of U.S. publicly traded corporations, the truth invariably outs, as when he accidentally admitted that he is acting to “force” corporations, and through them all of us worldwide, to do his bidding.”

Scott Shepard

The column details how the BlackRock CEO’s increasing influence on markets, and by extension, geopolitics, has emboldened his already brazen activism.

“Surely he [Fink] is aware by now that forcing the West into climate-catastrophist decarbonization guarantees is already creating a pointless, but world-historical, disaster,” Scott adds.

“Larry, though, may wish to take a care as he seeks to set a crown upon his head,” Scott continues. “For as he accumulates the real power of dictatorship, he also collects the responsibility, and the dangers.”

To read the full piece, click here.

Author: Ethan Peck