I graduated from UC Berkeley in 1975 with a BS degree in political science. I studied sociology at Merritt College under Melvin Newton, Huey Newton’s older brother. I have studied black history, Swahili, the African slave trade and understand the racial tensions in America. I understand that the current tension is manufactured, fake and designed to destroy America, not to unite us.

Once again, black people are pawns of other groups. We are the cannon fodder to illuminate their causes while we still suffer. There is no nationwide, deep racial problem in America, but there is a well-funded effort to create one.

Everyday Americans of all colors, economic backgrounds, educational levels and faiths all live and work together. It is only on television that we see the racial strife. We then spend our time apologizing over make-believe issues.

I wrote the book “Tribalism” trying to explain why we continue to allow those who hate us to also lead us. Black people are not intimidated by a flag, statue or monument. Most black people are just like most other people. We are thinking about our jobs, children and grandchildren. Let’s make an agreement. I will judge people of all races by the people I see, meet and talk to every day – if you will do the same.

I pledge not to allow the news media to tell me about you if you don’t allow them to tell you about me. If we did that, we would stamp out this fairytale and turn our attention to the real problems facing us.

The Black Panthers were black cats; the New Black Panthers (NBP) are kittens. We protested and demonstrated for the right to join America and to participate in the American dream. This New Black Panther party believes begging white people is the key to their success.

The old Black Panther Party confronted the real problems in the black community, and one of those was the police. It was the police that shot up our headquarters on Grand Avenue in Oakland. They drove by, shot up the windows, drove around the block and came back to continue shooting up the place. It wasn’t a “drive by” because they got out of their cars, stood on the streets and fired. That was a real police problem. But today, the police are NOT the real problem.

If the NBP organization wanted to confront the real enemies of the black community, they would be protesting in front of the Bloods, Crips, other black gangs, public schools and Planned ParentHood. They would be challenging every pimp they see and harassing every drug dealer on the block.

Black “Lies” Matter may as well change its name to “Black Lies Scatter” after that embarrassing cowardly displayed in Dallas, July 2016, when a sniper killed five police officers during a protest. When the gunfire started, BLM scattered like children chasing down an ice cream truck.

Trampling over women and children, these male “Black Warriors” allowed white police officers to guard and protect their black women. Meanwhile, those police officers ran toward the gunfire, having to dodge the self-serving “Black Warriors” running for safety away from the gunfire. I guess Black Lives do Matter … to white cops.

Now, BLM is joining forces with the New Black Panthers to separate from America. While back in the 1970s we marched for the right to vote, the New Black Panthers are trying to intimidate voters into not voting.

The NBP and BLM are just inner-city gangs, looking for their own territory. NBP should have a business selling products, starting schools and organizing black folks for success. If they want their own nation, it would be prudent to hold a convention, develop a platform and introduce legislation. But instead they are conducting themselves in the same manner as any other inner-city black gang. We judge you by your fruits. Because BLM hasn’t produced any books, offered any classes, or even instructions, as to their goals, I can only conclude they are being used as someone’s tool. Who is it, then, that does not “matter”? I just don’t trust tools.

The “white privilege” concept is a surrender of your racial identity and acceptance of the inferiority complex taught to black people today. Believing in “white privilege” means believing white people are superior and need to take better care of their slaves. It requires you to accept the concept that white people control everything and the only hope you have is to beg for a better life.

If you believe in “white privilege,” then you are weak and non-competitive. I have never met a white person who was superior to me. I have met some more experienced, successful or more talented, but never met a superior white person in my life. Black Lies Matter should compete in the American Dream. You will lose some and win some, but you will be in charge.

We now find ourselves demanding minimum wage instead of thriving for maximum wage. We naturally look for “low-income housing” instead of high income housing. Every problem, real or imagined, facing the black community seems to require a government solution.

Back in the 1970s, we demanded equal access to the opportunities to compete in America. Once we won that, we started competing. At the same time, the liberals started looking for programs to manage the lives of black people. Many of my colleagues followed them. I rejected affirmative action, the 8-A program and all of the other liberal management programs. It is slavery, NOT freedom.

If you want slavery, then continue to support the individuals who have been leading you for the past 50 years; nothing will change. They will continue to manage horrible schools, leading to lives of drugs, no jobs and prison.

It is not white privilege; it is The American Privilege.

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