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On MSNBC, Yamiche Alcindor – the White House correspondent for taxpayer-subsidized PBS – claimed that black Americans “understand that they are being treated like second-class citizens” by the Trump Administration and its conservative supporters and that they are “simply fed up.”

Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper contends that nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, he believes that there is “a reckoning coming” as the differences between how conservative and liberal policies affect black Americans, and Americans in general, are becoming more apparent. This vast ocean of difference “is really what’s gonna be the deciding factor for black Americans” when it comes to the possibility of a political realignment.

In an interview with Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham on “The Ingraham Angle,” Horace explained that conservatives are seeking to meet the actual needs faced by black Americans while liberals are playing on fear and prioritizing extreme issues in their name:

[Y]ou’ve got conservative policies that are good for your family, good for your pocketbook, good for your communities.

Black Americans are saying we want more law enforcement – we don’t want to defund the police. Black Americans are saying we want better schools. We want school choice. And black Americans are increasingly [asking]: “Why are abortion clinics only in our communities?”

On the other hand, the progressives are going around saying misgendering – that’s the biggest problem that faces your community, and we’re gonna make sure that that’s a priority. Oh, by the way, don’t let the bad boogeyman racists get their way.

That’s about the extent of what our options are…

Horace also believes the Trump Administration doesn’t deserve the amount of demonization it has received from the mainstream media:

We had eight years of the Obama-Biden policies, where black Americans suffered at the front of the line. Lost more jobs. Had to have more food stamps. Lost opportunity. Didn’t get the keep their houses due to foreclosures.

It is going to be very difficult to trick people into saying the racial boogeyman is so bad that I want to wipe out all of your economic opportunity.

And, by the way, you contrast that with what happened over the last three years – this is recent. The American people, particularly black Americans, are saying they won’t be fooled again.

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Author: David Almasi