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If the upcoming elections cause a partisan shift in Capitol Hill’s leadership, conservatives need to make sure their ascendance isn’t compromised by colleagues who are willing to cut deals.

This is particularly important when it comes to environmental regulation.

That’s why National Center Senior Fellow Bonner Cohen, Ph.D., suggested in a Daily Caller commentary that lawmakers adopt the Hippocratic Oath that is used by doctors – “First of all, do no harm” – when developing future legislation.

In this case, Bonner is referring to the so-called Conservative Climate Caucus (CCC), which has been critical of the “global industrial era” on its website despite the fact this era has brought comfort and prosperity to so much of the world. Seeking to reach across the aisle, Bonner suggested, will only weaken efforts to end the Biden Administration’s intentions to install key parts of the Green New Deal through bureaucratic means:

Instead of playing a game of “me too,” why not turn the tables on our would-be green masters? Today’s runaway inflation, the Supreme Court’s recent decision curtailing the power of the federal regulatory bureaucracy and the energy disaster unfolding in Europe provide a favorable backdrop for a counterattack.

And there are means to take the White House to task. Specifically, Bonner pointed out how Congress could ground Biden Administration climate czar John Kerry. Environmental initiatives at the Treasury Department and Securities and Exchange Commission could also similarly be targeted for defunding:

[W]hile there is nothing Congress can do to force the administration to end its war on fossil fuels, the next Congress could use the power of the purse to limit the Biden White House’s ability to force-feed the nation a steady diet of destructive green policies.

Read all of Bonner’s commentary – “It’s Time to Turn the Tables on Our Would-Be Climate Overlords” – at the Daily Caller website by clicking here.

Author: David Almasi