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The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens recently made comments that led me to believe that she either doesn’t understand why disability representation is important or that she would like America to reinstate “ugly laws,” the last of which was abolished in 1974.

Two parts of my world collided as I listened to her speak. As a woman with a visible disability, I understand why representation, especially in advertising, is so important.

Melissa Ortiz

As a lifelong conservative, I am appalled that Owens seems to see herself as the spokeswoman on this issue for the whole freedom movement.

Owens asked to be educated if she was wrong, so I reached out directly via social media with no response. The lack of response was not shocking as each time I have attempted to interact with her upon crossing her path in person, she has refused. I understand why now.

Owens and I prove that no political leaning is monolithic in nature. Her boldness resonates with me and many other conservative women. But I was stunned by her comments about women in wheelchairs modeling underwear, especially her sentiment that no one wants to see that.

It isn’t about taking inclusivity too far; it’s about people modeling clothing so that women with disabilities could see whether it would work for them. I found it helpful because, like the models, I use a wheelchair.

Author: Dan Faoro