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Sanders’s Support for Racist Killer Dylann Roof’s Right to Vote Could Pose Challenge in Crucial S.C. Primary. Candidate wants to create ‘vibrant democracy’ in which mass murderers can vote from prison

LTP News Sharing: Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I., Vt.) support for extending voting rights to violent felons such as Dylann Roof, the racist gunman who murdered nine people at a black church in South Carolina, could prove...

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EXCLUSIVE: Fmr Black Panther URGING Black America to “Leave the Plantation” is Dems WORST NIGHTMARE

My guest today needs very little introduction. He is a former member of the black panther party, who turned his life around and changed his way of thinking to become a conservitive activist speaking all over the country about the principles of liberty and freedom. You may have seen him on Fox News with Tucker Carlson or at various events around the country, his name is Mason Weaver.

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We Are Declaring March: Black Future Month