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Demographics? What demographics?

Every issue effects every one of us. There are no black issues, women issues or homosexual issues. All of us want schools that work, taxes manageable and the ability to retire comfortably. Most of us want limited government control over our lives no matter what demographics the experts assign us.

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Come out from among them!

They prey on the emotions of man and we strive on the obedience of God. Identify them by their fruits. 2 Tim. 3:2 “Lovers of themselves, Covetous, Boasters, Proud, Blasphemers, Disobedient to parents, Unthankful, Head-strong children, Unholy, Without natural affection, Trucebreakers, False accusers, Incontinent, Fierce, Despisers of good men, Traitors, Heady, Highminded, Lovers of pleasure, Having a form of godliness, Denying the power of godliness.”

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