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Christopher Arps

Christopher Arps

In a commentary syndicated through InsideSources, Project 21 Ambassador Christopher Arps says black Americans are fleeing the Democratic Party because it has failed to support them in meaningful ways:

As another Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday approaches, our nation has much to celebrate as we strive toward King’s dream of a colorblind society….

Unfortunately, not every member of the African-American community, especially those living in impoverished and underserved areas, has experienced the upward mobility many of their Black brothers and sisters have enjoyed….

There are two reasons for the exodus of African-American voters from the Democratic Party: quality education and inadequate schools; and the rising crime rate disproportionately affects inner-city communities….

Education and crime are universal concerns that appeal to every voter. Most voters don’t want to be pandered to with insulting, shop-worn campaign tactics supposedly geared toward them. The political party or movement that understands this and plans accordingly will make further inroads with voting blocs with whom they have traditionally not done well.

Christopher’s commentary has been published in dozens of publications, and you can read it on our website here.

Author: The National Center