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Everything is racist in the eyes of leftists these days, but it’s their own critical race theory (CRT) agenda that mimics the discriminatory Jim Crow of old – updating it for the 21st century and their extremist priorities.

Horace Cooper

“The similarities between the goals of Jim Crow then and Jim Crow 2.0 now are quite striking,” notes Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper in a Newsmax commentary.

Calling CRT “a Marxist construct that seeks to link racism, race and power,” Horace explains:

CRT’s goal is to create a legally enforced system that affects all Americans – determining their economic mobility, their status, their ability to find work and their potential for achieving the Constitution’s promise of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Horace points out that the old system of Jim Crow used racial animosity to preserve the economic infrastructure of the South for the benefit of the elites, while the “Jim Crow 2.0” created by CRT similarly stirs hatred to promote a “Marxist didactic” and to justify economic intervention by which “government force must be used to allocate wealth and political power.”

“It is without irony that CRT advocates claim that its adoption will help America and improve race relations,” Horace writes. “How many bigots of yesteryear made the same claim?”

As to how CRT restricts liberty, he add:

To achieve CRT’s goals, quotas, limits, and minimums must be put in place so that every walk of life meets some arbitrary goal. Not surprisingly, it looks strikingly like the provisions in place for 20th century Jim Crow — which enforced rigid rules for blacks and whites.

And while it’s obvious that CRT’s new Jim Crow regime will be used to try to reorder the American economy, history shows it also pushing a distinctly anti-prosperity agenda:

The eradication of Jim Crow didn’t just end the evil of government imposed racial roles for Americans, it freed the South to become a place where Americans now go to pursue their dreams.

Today, the South has the fastest economic growth nationally and is recognized as a place of potential for Americans of all races. As the census shows, the South is the center of our nation’s population growth. Where once it was the place government interfered at the most intimate levels, the South is now least likely to do so.

Americans of all walks of life suffered depredations — their lives as well as their livelihoods lost solely a result of the South’s embrace of Marxist ideology at the beginning of the 20th century.

It’s now been repackaged and re-presented less than 100 years later.

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Author: David Almasi