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Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a scourge on society. Not only is it destroying our schools and places of work, but it also puts our religious institutions at risk.

Donna Jackson

In a commentary distributed by InsideSources and published in newspaper such as The Washington Times, Project 21 Director of Membership Development Donna Jackson notes that CRT “isn’t helping to heal wounds from past discrimination and slavery,” but is “creating new wounds.” As she explains:

For white Americans, CRT’s message is unrelentingly negative. It asserts that the entire white race is inherently racist and can never change. It’s like taking up a sport or a hobby only to be told that, no matter what you do, you’ll never get better.

For black Americans, the message is even more corrosive – and quite frankly, racist. We are told we are helpless victims of white people and cannot possibly overcome their dominance without the government’s help. Why even attempt to learn and grow when we can’t escape this fate?

“But perhaps the most destructive effects of CRT are seen in people of faith. This harm comes regardless of race,” Donna writes.

CRT is incompatible with faith, as Donna points out:

The foundation of faith is redemption, but CRT casts that aside by preaching that many people are irredeemable. Without redemption, spiritual faith ceases to exist. Even self-improvement is apparently impossible since all the laws and institutions allegedly only create more racism.

CRT even undercuts civil rights, which has long found a home in American churches. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for example, was a faith leader. But the church, in the eyes of CRT proponents, simply perpetuates white supremacy:

CRT’s undercutting of faith and the King legacy shouldn’t be surprising, since the founders of CRT were atheists invested in tearing down our society. What is shocking, however, is that the movement has found so much acceptance in the churches that are ultimately the targets for repudiation and ultimate destruction.

“That is why people of faith need to recognize that the Critical Race Theory movement is an existential threat to our nation’s founding principles and must be stopped,” Donna concludes.

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Author: David Almasi