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Former Black Panther: Black Lives Do Matter – To White Cops

By Mason Weaver | 4:49 pm, July 19, 2016 The Black Panthers were black cats; the New Black Panthers are kittens. I know, because I was a Black Panther. In our day, we protested and demonstrated for the right to join America, to participate in the American dream. This...

(Video) 93 degrees and standing in line at Walmart

93 degrees and standing in line at Walmart By Clarence A Mason aka Mason Weaver

Americans are waiting!

"Black Americans are still waiting for their forty acres and a mule, women for their equal rights, AIDS victims for more funding, the poor for more aid, and all are placing blame and anger at someone else.” Weaver

The power of accusation and gender-role mash-up

We have the power of the accusation! Witnessing all of the daily charges against men is tiresome. Just the accusation will cause a male to lose his job, reputation, friends and maybe his family. Just the accusation, perhaps decades old, is enough to damage a man. We...

Stay Right or Be Left 2019.

Stay Right or Be Left 2019. I turn 69 this year. That is the average age for black men..Good Thing I am ABOVE AVERAGE!.


What happened to you white people? Really, please tell me what happened to the people that have achieved so much but have now become wimpy, pansies cowering in fear of someone not liking them. White people today are seeking safe places when there was no safe place...

(Video) Mason On NewsMax TV

Critical Race Theory and Ban the Democrat Party

Hating Homeschoolers at Harvard

LTP News Sharing: If people are allowed to leave their homes by June, the scolds at Harvard will be hosting a private, by-invitation-only conference examining the prospects for locking homeschoolers out of their in-house classrooms. Organizers are contending that...

Never Bend the Knee

LTP News Sharing: By Ready or not, the fight is coming to your communities, your schools, your workplaces, and your places of worship.Recently, I posted a meme on Twittershowing a large idol with “BLM” on it, people bowing down before the idol labeled...

Left-Wing Extremists Take Polite Debate Through the Looking Glass

LTP News Sharing: “Like the crazed Queen of Hearts in Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, progressives prefer a ‘verdict first, trial later’ approach – it’s faster and keeps their ‘cancel culture’ agenda moving along more briskly.” In a commentary for American Greatness,...

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“Truth is eternal and unchangeable and does not submit itself to the thoughts, hope or actions of man.” -Weaver


“No race, culture or nationality in America has ever achieved economic freedom by political means.” -Weaver


Success is a verb, not a noun. It is based upon what you are doing not what you are thinking.


Success begins with the family! Only the American people can resolve social and economical problems.

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