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Labor Plays Hardball With Microsoft

Labor Plays Hardball With Microsoft

LTP News Sharing: How brazen is woke culture? So brazen that companies now openly tout their discriminatory behavior to oblige the left’s social justice goals. But, for now, they are getting their comeuppance for it. When Microsoft boasted that they would “double the...

Hating Homeschoolers at Harvard

LTP News Sharing: If people are allowed to leave their homes by June, the scolds at Harvard will be hosting a private, by-invitation-only conference examining the prospects for locking homeschoolers out of their in-house classrooms. Organizers are contending that...

Why do black people support the democrat party

The democrats are the party of misery, slavery, KKK, anti civilrights and own every Ghetto in America. Why are we supporting the abusers of people. #leavetheplantation By Clarence A Mason aka Mason Weaver

POLITICAL: Politics Do Not Matter When It Comes to Cultural of Family

LTP News Sharing: Strong communities are NOT created by politics, they are created by strong family values within your community. Let's turn our...

(Video) Interview Tomi Lahren I have been saying this for years, stand up Folks and stop compromising. Tomi Lahren and I talk about what the democrats continue to do to spread Black Lies Matter. 2017- 2020 #leavetheplantation Stay...

(Video) America is a great country. For everyone!

There is no place I would rather be Black man, father or husband. America is great because Americans are great.  DO NOT JUST LIKE IT! Share it....thanks. By Clarence A Mason aka Mason Weaver #leavetheplantation Join Us...

American Women are delicate but not Fragile

(SEE the Video ABOVE) I don't believe women are choosing their candidate based on how nice he appears to be. Are we saying women choose their elected officials, police chief, mayors, city councilmen all based on how much these folks cater to their feelings? Isn't it...

DOJ Accuses Harvard Of Racism, Files Scathing Brief

LTP News Sharing: Harvard, the crème de la crème of Ivy League education, has been proudly engaging in racial discrimination — in 2020.  Harvard has a sordid history of employing and supporting racists and engaging in antisemitic limitations...

RELATIONSHIPS: Can Your King Find You? (Listen)

LTP News Sharing: Listen here: RELATIONSHIPS: Can Your King Fin…  Ladies, lets get to know each other. Let's set the direction of this Podcast. My goals are to discuss some reasons why men and woman are in a very tense relationships. At work, home, entertainment...

A Black American Whiz Kid Beats England’s Best: A Queens Yankee Takes the U.K. Quiz Crown

LTP News Sharing:   By Elliot Kaufman | The Wall Street Journal     Brandon Blackwell thinks during an April 13 episode of ‘University Challenge.’ Photo: BBC   Brandon Blackwell outsmarted the competition and ruffled feathers on ‘University...

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