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(Video) Minneapolis Riot Was Preplanned Please see this video and get involved help us spread the word. #leavetheplantation Get involved by donating to our organization.

We are in a war! Let’s act like it.

This will not end in a season, we will not all get along. This is a battle for our beliefs and it is dirty and messy.


LTP News Sharing:  By John Hinderaker | POWERLINE Photo: Kelsey Asbille Chow who is not an Indian, but is half white and half Chinese and plays the part of an Indian in the TV series "Yellowstone." Who knew that Elizabeth Warren was part of a movement? Apparently she...

Left-Wing Extremists Take Polite Debate Through the Looking Glass

LTP News Sharing: “Like the crazed Queen of Hearts in Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, progressives prefer a ‘verdict first, trial later’ approach – it’s faster and keeps their ‘cancel culture’ agenda moving along more briskly.” In a commentary for American Greatness,...

Liberal Segregationists Through the Centuries

LTP News Sharing: In what he said was “one of the most disturbing and – to put it bluntly – racist attacks we’ve ever seen,” Fox News Channel guest host Will Cain called out the “vile and absurd rhetoric” of MSNBC commentator Michael Eric Dyson. While discussing the...

(Video) DC Government Has Surrendered to the Mob

By allowing criminals to loot stores, burn buildings and beat citizens, the Washington DC government has created fear and anxiety among the people. Now the citizens are honoring BLM with posters on their boarded up buildings. They are trying to appease the mob because...

Racist School Board Votes to Segregate Minority Teachers, Pay People Less Based on Skin Color

LTP News Sharing: BY KEVIN DOWNEY JR. | P J MEDIA (AP Photo, File) Racism and segregation are back! The Mankato, Minn. school board has decided that racism is okay after all. The board voted unanimously to pay additional stipends to teachers who aren’t white. They...

Are we blacks helpless pets of white America?

The end of February brings the end of Black History Month. That is the month for our annual celebration of the ritual destruction of the black community by the Democratic Party. Any study of black history has to be a study of this racist party and its continued...

“Liberalism” the new racism!

LTP Recommendations Liberals have always been a racist belief system. Go to Source Author: Mason Weaver

Racist Rants Against Clarence Thomas Reveal Hostility Toward Black Free Thought

LTP News Sharing: “Clarence Thomas is the leader of this Court,” declared Project 21 Co-chairman Horace Cooper about the U.S. Supreme Court’s senior justice. In a discussion with host Laura Ingraham on the Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Horace continued:...

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“Truth is eternal and unchangeable and does not submit itself to the thoughts, hope or actions of man.” -Weaver


“No race, culture or nationality in America has ever achieved economic freedom by political means.” -Weaver


Success is a verb, not a noun. It is based upon what you are doing not what you are thinking.


Success begins with the family! Only the American people can resolve social and economical problems.

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