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Hey pundits, experts, activists, and politicians, think you should listen to Dave Chapelle when it comes to ‘why Trump’.

He gets it.

It was the first time we’ve laughed at SNL in a long long long time.



Because the system doesn’t make me pay my taxes … because it benefits your donors.

Love how he portrays Hillary Clinton, heh.

And also sad because it’s true BUT we all need a laugh right now.

It always feels like the SNL audience isn’t sure if it’s ‘ok’ to laugh.

Weird, right?

George Carlin was funny because he wasn’t afraid to be honest about people, the same can be said of Dave Chappelle. That, and he saw the ridiculousness of the world and wasn’t afraid to point and laugh.

Again, like Chappelle.

We need so much more of this, comedians who don’t pick sides, who DGAF, who just tell it like it is. Too many of us have forgotten that it’s ok to laugh at ourselves.

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