It was a “Rainy Night in Georgia”! June 20, 2017, another liberal political comeback attempt was washed away. Karen Handel defeated Jon Ossoff in a record spending spree, and the Democrats got nothing for it. Handel out-performed Donald Trump in that district in spite of over $30 million spent by Democrats. They lost and will continue to lose because they choose very flawed candidates and the Republicans are finally fighting back.

The race between former Georgia Secretary of State Handle and documentary filmmaker Jon Ossoff was never close. The polls were never accurate. Polling always starts out with intentions to persuade, not portray. They want to lead public opinions, not reveal public opinion. That is why polling always changes as the election gets closer. The pollsters want to be as accurate as possible on election night. The polls were wrong on Trump and all the elections to replace his Cabinet members. They were designed to depress and scare us; they wanted the outcome to appear inevitable and intended to keep us home, scared.

This tactic works on Democrats but not Republicans. Democrats have been convinced others must think for them and protect them. Democrats will sit and wait for instructions before they act. They will wait for instructions on how to act. Then they will wait to be instructed on why they lost.

In a few more election cycles, the Democratic Party will cease to be a national party. They will become the sludge at the bottom of the drained swamp. They only have big socialist donors, no upcoming groomed candidates, and their constituents are more frustrated with the Russian probe than are Republicans. The current Democratic Party is propped up by the media, focused on their own personal wealth and trying to feed the dinosaur of progressivism that has been dead for 50 years.

When you frighten Republicans, we fight, not whimper away. Remember the dark days of the presidential campaign? Every time they attacked, lied, implied or set up Trump, his numbers improved. His crowds got larger in spite of the pollsters, commentators and other experts. After every primary victory, Trump became stronger.

Then the press helped get out the vote for Republicans. We had sat quietly as we were lied to and about. We sat still as our principles were criticized. We sat still as we were told of our pending defeat. The press insulted us to the core, and we sat waiting patiently to vote.

The people knew what we wanted. The people also knew we did not want Hillary. The Democrats gives us no choice except hell or high water. We will always take the high water. Hillary inoculated America against Donald Trump. The thought of her becoming president made anyone else a better choice.

No matter how much money they poured out, no matter how much attention they gave the “Never Trump” folks, the painful thought of a President Hillary Clinton drove Americans to their knees in prayer and to the ballot in rebellion.

In the Georgia special election, the people had two clear choices. They could choose one of their own secretaries of state, whom they had known, elected and seen serving them, or another outsider, connected, Hollywood-backed, liberal movie maker. It was never a close race.

The arrogant Ossoff thinking he could come into the district from the outside was insane. Thinking he had enough money to convince the people to elect him because their favorite television star endorsed him was delusional. It was doomed from the beginning.

Now they are thinking the solution is getting rid of Nancy Pelosi. Maybe it’s their messaging, their delivery or the rainy night in Georgia.

They just have not realized our great secret weapon: President Barack Hussein Obama, the greatest thing to happen to the Republican Party since Abraham Lincoln.

Before Obama became president, Republicans were comfortable as the opposition party. It was clear Republican leaders did not care if they lost elections as long as they stayed in control of the party. Their base continued to donate money and work for any candidate they offered up as cannon fodder.

But with President Obama, it became serious. We saw a sex scandal bring down Republican candidate Jack Ryan as he ran for an Illinois U.S. Senate seat against a relatively unknown community organizer from Chicago, Barack Hussein Obama. Ryan was abandoned by conservatives due to a sexual-abuse allegations from his ex-wife.

The Republican Party hastily selected Ambassador Alan Keyes to step into the race. With little party backing, donor support and little connection to the state, Obama won. Obama then gave that famous address to the DNC convention, and his race for president was on.

Republicans, conservatives and patriots suffered through eight years, and we had enough. No more would it matter if our candidates were perfect, scandal-free or met every goal we had. Liberals could never be in power again. Liberals could never hold control over our government again. We woke up – and that was all America needed.

My book “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation” was based on the vision of slaves abandoning the Democratic Party. The arrogant Democrats have completely divided their forces. They have alienated Bernie Sanders supporters to the point they are building a separate political party. They have lost many Union voters due to their tax policies driving manufacturing jobs out of the country, and the patriotic liberals can now see how much Democrats hate America.

There is no enthusiasm within the Democratic Party. There is only anger, hatred and deception. To be a loyal Democrat, you must accept leadership from foul-mouthed, socialist, dishonest actors and those you know hate and work against American principles. Democrats will not be forced to accept illegal immigration, terrorism, unproductive schools and the destruction of America. Welcome home, Democrats; we missed you.

Democrats are losing elections, supporters, donors, and they have no message. The Old Guard Dog has just become old.