Demographics? What demographics?
Mason Weaver December 30, 2015
Liberals always talk about voting demographics and Patriots always fall inline with their way of looking at politics. They tell us about the “demographics”, won’t support this candidate and the “demographics” will stay home if this proposal is on the ballot. We are told about the blacks, women, homosexual, poor, immigrant, working family demographics so we can cater to the needs of those demographics.

Every issue effects every one of us. There are no black issues, women issues or homosexual issues. All of us want schools that work, taxes manageable and the ability to retire comfortably. Most of us want limited government control over our lives no matter what demographics the experts assign us.

Issues are developed based upon the new demographics and every election cycle the experts, (liberals democrats and moderate republicans) tell us we must not say this or must say that to win the (demographics). And of course they will be glad to tell us what they want, need, desire and demand from us. Then we lose the election, over and over again and keep listening to the same experts.

Few people will go into the voting booth and vote as a (demographic), only those who think of themselves as part of the herd will. Folks vote based upon their own interests. If you can convince someone their best interest is based upon their skin color, gender, sexual orientation, religion or income level, they will vote that way…if they are not thinking.

We should cater to the thinking Americans not the emotional ones. I hear all of you in your hearts now screaming that we should cater to ALL Americans. Not if you want to win elections you don’t. Your ideas, goals, principles and culture will help ALL Americans. This is your belief so act like it in politics. Yes they will call you names, that is their job, yes they will attack you, that is their job. But do you want to win or just fight? Are you prepared to lead or just resist. The causes of most of your problems stem from you accepting the “Demographic” as your guide.

There are no “Special Issues”. All issues are special to someone. There are no issues JUST for black people, poor people, white people, women, children or Christians. I am an adult, I have an opinion on everything.

The idea of Demographics came from Liberals (now there is a demographic if I every seen one) based upon their instinct of herding people into manageable groups. They were the managers of slaves during slavery. They developed House Slaves, Field Slaves, Black Codes, Share Cropping, Housing Projects and most of the group management “demographics” we see today.

Think about yourselves in your everyday life and how much you consider your demographics. As you go about your business today how often will you think of your race, income level, gender or religion as your identity? Not very often, more so if you have brought into the idea.

We think of ourselves as Taxpayers, bus drivers, Mothers, Sisters, homeowners….Americans. So why not address what our policies will do to lower your tax burden? How about saying our policies will increase your families income and retirement lifestyle no matter your gender? What would happen if we addressed the frustrations Citizens have with the bureaucracy, (demographic managers) and our intention of lessing it, no matter your sexual orientation? Americans are not the culture of demographic management and we are not the culture of group thinking. We are the culture of issues not demographics. We are self governed, independent and free. You cannot identify Americans based upon demographics…but you can control Americans by demographics.