So Democrats shut down the government to benefit illegal workers – not black workers, not poor American workers, not even legal immigrants … but illegal workers.

They are illegal because their parents uprooted them, sneaked them here and forced them to live in the shadows of America. The child abuse suffered from their parents’ actions was not enough for the Democrats. They must continue their assault on them. That is all you need to know about Democrats.

Have you liberals, Democrats, progressives and socialists been paying attention? While you are out hating Trump, marching in your pink outfits, dreaming of impeachment and searching for your safe spaces, have you be watching what your leadership has been doing? When you have finished the “MeToo” accusations, protected the earth from freezing, warming or changing, please notice what the Democratic leadership is doing on your behalf.

They forced the government to run out of money, demanding protection for illegal immigrants and ignoring our nation’s well-being. They were not holding the country hostage over jobs for black Americans. They were not protecting the make-believe “women’s rights” marchers. It was not the $15 an hour minimum wage they were insisting on. No, while you clowns supported every move Democrats made, they shut down the government for the rights of illegals to stay here and continue to take your jobs and your seats in colleges.

Have you had enough of the direct insults the Democrats are launching? They are limiting the readiness of our government to protect and serve the citizens so they could protect the children of illegal invaders into our country.

I would like to know how you inner-city black citizens feel when you look around your liberal, Democrat-controlled, poverty-infected neighborhoods and think about the sons and daughters of illegal aliens working downtown and attending colleges, preparing to take more of your jobs.

The DACA folks are not portrayed as victims. We are told they are in our military, college students, business owners and major contributors to our society and economy. Why can’t they say that about black America, still waiting for jobs, education and to get off welfare? Once again, the Democratic leaders are showing themselves to be ignoring the plight of black Americans and turning their attentions to foreign illegals.

So while you black citizens continue to follow your slave managers, pay attention to what your slave masters are saying. They not only will continue to abandon you, tear up your families and leave you broke and broken, they will also take your money and votes and discard you like an empty bottle of wine.

You saw the Democratic Party loyally go to the mat over their illegal friends. You saw what was important to the liberals, and you saw what was not important to them. Getting illegals their full rights as citizens was so important they risked harming the economical expansion we are seeing. They were not demanding better housing and jobs for black people; they did not take the nation to the brink for housing, affirmative action or any of the other small shiny objects they throw around. Never have the Democrats spent this much effort for the group most loyal to them: black voters. What is the reward for giving them your vote, your action, your love? The same as it has always been – being ignored.

Do you see liberals demanding sanctuary cities in the ghetto? You complain about the high incarceration rate of black men while illegals immigrants commit crimes not even reported to the federal government. Why? Because they are special to liberals, and you are not special to liberals.

Where is Black Lies Matter? What happened to the New Black Kittens Party? Oh, they have not been told where to march and when to protest. When will the NFL players get off their knees and do something for their communities? When will black voters start voting for their own kitchen-table issues instead of continuing to serve the abusive Democratic Party?

Wake up, black America! If you are still depending on liberals, you are still being lied to. If you cannot clearly see their intentions, you are blinded by low self-esteem. Recognize that no one will take care of you. No one will fight for your job, education or health. It must be you, only you and no one else. Stop depending on your political leaders; they cannot do this. Stop thinking every problem you have must have a political solution – that makes you a slave, child or dependent.

No one will give you more than you can earn. Liberal, conservative, right-wing or left-wing is just a philosophy, not a system to feed you. Recognize that this government closed down due to liberals trying to embrace folks who have not given a fraction to this country compared to black folks – but they are getting much more from this country. Realize the liberal handlers of black people seemed eager to do as much as they can to replace you with illegals.

Remember that when you hear them brag about the jobs DACA folks have possessed, think about the education, business opportunity and social structure these illegals are enjoying, and then act. Act like you are responsible for your life, act like you have had enough, act like you recognize you cannot depend on them. They closed the government down for people they love; you better recognize it was not you.

“It’s OK to Leave the Plantation,” but you no longer need to because the Plantation is leaving you.