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Disney is no longer the happiest place on earth.

Backing down to the protests of leftist employees, special interests and media commentators, the House of Mouse announced it would use its corporate muscle to fight parental rights legislation signed into law by Florida Governor Rob DeSantis.

According to Project 21 member Deroy Murdock in a Newsmax commentary, “Disney believes that it’s an unacceptable burden to ask teachers to instruct their students on (as the law states) ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ no sooner than fourth grade.”

And Deroy highlighted how the company’s “rotten corporate citizenship cost it… precious goodies.”

After Disney boasted it would jump into the culture wars, state lawmakers pushed back by voting to repeal self-governing privileges that Deroy commented “it never should have received” that “empowers the Magic Kingdom to establish its own levies, ordinances and emergency services in and around Disney World and its other theme parks.”

Disney also has the ignominious honor of being one of the worst-performing stocks of 2022 so far. Additionally, the architect of its assault on the duly-enacted state law resigned three months into his job.

But there’s more! Deroy pointed out:

Disney’s hypocrisy is more towering than Space Mountain. While it fights this new law as an alleged cornerstone of homophobia, Disney is delighted to conduct business in lethally homophobic countries.

The company happily doing business in countries where the LGBT lifestyle is illegal and punishable. This includes Disney Vacation Club tours in Egypt, cruises to Dominica and Anguilla and Disney+ streaming throughout the Arab world.

It didn’t have to be this way:

As this controversy exploded, Team Disney sorely needed adult supervision. Rather than repeat lies, it should have presented facts to its ignorant, enraged employees…

But, rather than lead, [Disney CEO Bob] Chapek waved a white banner and then whimpered beneath his desk.

“The Maoist mobs’ assault on America’s executive suites will continue,” Deroy warned, “until CEOs resist the overpaid adolescents on their staffs, practice in loco parentis, and speed their white flags to the nearest landfill.”

To read all of Deroy’s commentary – “Disney Steps in Mousetrap of Its Own Making” – at Newsmax, click here.


Author: David Almasi