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At a recent Heritage Foundation event entitled “American Energy for Prosperity,” the energy policy advocacy of Project 21 Director of Membership Development Donna Jackson was praised from the stage.

Mandy Gunasekara — the director of the Center for Energy and Conservation at the Independent Women’s Forum and a visiting fellow at Heritage — said during her opening remarks:

Families today are struggling in the face of Bidenomics that has made the price of just about everything go up, and the Day One war on American energy in the traditional sense — coal, oil and natural gas — that started with an executive order cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline and really went down from there.

So when energy prices go up, it impacts everything that we do, but it typically falls and complicates family budgets. But it also falls hardest on the most vulnerable in society….

There is a woman, Donna Jackson, who is on our advisory committee…. She spends a lot of time in these communities assessing the impact of any slight increase in the price of energy. And I think she said it best that at the end of the day, the price of energy, when it goes up, that becomes a barrier to upward mobility.

Mandy and Donna have both testified before U.S. congressional committees about the ways Biden Administration energy policies are hurting American families. For instance, Mandy testified in March (written, video) before the House Oversight Committee, and Donna testified twice in January (here and here) before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Donna also testified in June before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works about the impact that the War on Plastics is having on black communities.

Author: The National Center