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“Corporate America’s panicked embrace of ‘equity’ in the summer of 2020 isn’t going to end well for anyone, most particularly the companies that have embraced it the hardest,” writes Free Enterprise Project (FEP) Director Scott Shepard in his latest commentary for Real Clear Markets.

Scott Shepard

“This shouldn’t be a surprise,” he continues. “After all, what ‘equity’ means – according to its own creators and proponents – is active, affirmative discrimination now to make up for other discrimination by other people against other people in the past. Racial equity thus means discriminating against white people now because of their race to make up for discrimination against black people in the past. Gender equity means sticking it to men now to, well, you get the picture.”

As Shepard’s commentary points out, to corporate America, equity and “antiracism” demand nothing less than affirmative discrimination against white people, men and straight people to make up for past discrimination, while also demanding that those now discriminated against ritually admit their guilt for other people’s actions and embrace being treated as inferiors. This is immoral, illegal and blindingly wrong. It’s also the path proudly taken by some of corporate America’s worst woke offenders – companies whose clothes you might be wearing, food you might be eating or aisles you might be browsing this very moment – including Levi’s, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Lowe’s.

To read the full piece and learn more about these companies’ “antiracist” measures, click here.

Author: Sarah Rehberg