“Masks are for health care providers and people who are ill”

Is he playing politics with our country–the American lives? Dr. Fauci along with others (Democrats and RINOs) are trying to write history, ‘Trump did not have the best economy of all times, but the worst, ha ha.’┬áThen the great Democrat-Wonder comes to save the day and is given credit for Making America Great Again. Our children will be reading about this sordid history. Even more devastating, the Left desires to destroy America for good and puts everyone on welfare towards, to corrupt ghetto communities than to a socialist nation. After all, the lewd left has had plenty of practice: Blacks in Slavery to the Jim Crow South. NOW ALL AMERICANS, “GET ON THAT PLANTATION”

BUY Mason’s Book Tribalism or It’s OK To Leave The Plantation. You must read these two book; Invigorate your strength and courage, hold up the Bible and The Constitution in one hand and your NRA gun of choice in the other hand.

Calling all Woke-Americans, hurry get busy building America Again.