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Welcome to the FEP October Newsletter 
FEP has been a leading voice for the conservative investor on a divergent range of topics including health care, immigration, gun rights, energy, taxes, subsidies, regulations, religious freedom, food policies, media bias, gun rights, federalism, corporate free speech, ideological diversity, voter integrity, freedom of conscience, property rights, workers’ rights, and other important public policy issues.


Free Enterprise Project Urges FedEx To Focus On Business, Get Out Of Picking Names For Professional Sports Teams

Despite evidence that Native Americans approve of the Washington Redskins moniker, FedEx defended its role in pushing the National Football League team to change its name. Scott Shepard, Deputy Director of the National Center for Public Policy Research’s FEP, presented the evidence to FedEx CEO Frederick Smith and Executive Vice President Brie Carere, who dismissively rebuffed Shepard’s request that FedEx walk away from social justice activism.

We announce the first of what will be a series of policy papers in which we will analyze and critique, in significant detail, the proposals made by the As You Sow coalition to American corporations, the positions the coalition wishes those companies to adopt, the policies underlying those proposals and positions, and the sources offered and arguments made by the coalition in support of them.
We at the Free Enterprise Project of the National Center for Public Policy Research are, and have long been, the primary organization working against the As You Sow organization and its sprawling coalition to keep America’s publicly traded companies focused on their strengths and their legal obligations: to maximize their value for shareholders, to the overwhelming benefit of their customers, their employees and the communities in which they operate.
Tell Pepsi to STOP Funding Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists and supporters are rioting in our streets. They are attacking law enforcement officers, desecrating houses of worship, and destroying historic landmarks. And as they loot and burn businesses in your town, they do so while enjoying the support of one of America’s largest corporations – PepsiCo.
The major food and beverage company, through its brand Gatorade, which many of you probably drink, has pledged financial support to the Marxist BLM organization.
We are reaching out to Pepsi to express our outrage. We demand that Pepsi cease all funding to Black Lives Matter. And we need you to lend your voice. Pepsi needs to know that a majority of Americans – including millions of its customers – oppose the Marxist campaign being waged against America by BLM activists.
How Woke CEOs Traded Our Future For BLM Approval

At the heart of this summer’s BLM-inspired moral panic is a claim that whites, men, and those who have achieved success must apologize for their “privilege” and sacrifice themselves, their futures, and their posterity for “underprivileged” groups.  A shameful number of CEOs have signed on to this racist and sexist nonsense.  But when they do it, they’re sacrificing free and open American society, not themselves.  If they, the most “privileged” people of all, were serious, they’d be giving away their mansions and their millions and consigning their descendants to menial labor.  Since they aren’t, we must call them out for sacrificing us to mobs to win a little PR boost from crazy people.

Read the full Townhall Finance column by FEP’s Scott Shepard. 

FAAMG (+T): Modern Day Monopolists Needing Broken?

The tech giants are ramping up their discrimination against and censorship of conservatives as the election nears.  In his weekly Townhall Finance column, Scott Shepard argues that this behavior in itself strengthens the legal case for antitrust enforcement against these firms and also ensures that that enforcement will come.


One of our greatest failings, we on the conservative and libertarian right, has been to allow hard-core leftists to take over the Republic’s colleges and universities.  Once Marxist, anti-Western, anti-American, radical troublemakers were indulged at our schools.  Now they run them, and they are driving out any thought that disagrees with them while alternatively indoctrinating and terrifying the young minds they have been charged to foster, poisoning American civil society.  A direct line runs from university lecture halls to the fiery, glass- and blood-strewn streets of Portland, Kenosha, Chicago, and all the other battered and bedeviled cities of our great but threatened country.

We have written about the threat posed by the leftwing takeover of higher education and proposed necessary and achievable reforms.  Now a band of brave professors has come together to write and sign the perfectly named Philadelphia Statement, a petition for the return of respect for diversity of opinion for faculty and students alike at campuses nationwide.


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