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Have you had just about enough of these endless lockdowns, with their arbitrary and counterproductive rules?  Do you sense that they’ve long been more about politics than public health?

If so, you’re not alone.  Thousands of infectious-disease doctors and other medical professionals, and millions and millions of your fellow citizens, feel the same way.  The experts have collected their thoughts, and have begun to collect their and our signatures, in favor of opening up the economy and returning a free people to reasonable autonomy, retaining only those measures that are directly and demonstrably necessary to protect the lives of those at greatest risk.

If that sounds like a cause you can get behind, would you consider going here to review, and perhaps to sign, the Great Barrington Statement?

It’s time to demand that the nanny-staters of the “public health community” and the tinpot dictators who run so many of our cities and states stand aside as we return to something very close to the old normal.

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Author: Scott Shepard