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Mason Weaver is changing the way people think about how they do business; how they interact with their families, friends and the world. He has been training, educating, teaching and reaching thousands with his messages of hope for the future and empowering individuals with the tools they need to become the driving forces for positive change.

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Growing together and learning how to live out the revelations of Christ in our daily lives, spiritually, politically, economically and culturally.

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“If master was the problem, he cannot be the solution!” -Weaver

Calling all AMERICANS: Black, White, Brown and all Colors in between!  Have YOU HAD ENOUGH of excessive government regulation, control and restrictions? So much so it’s starting to feel like you, your family nor anyone else has any real freedoms left?  WELCOME!



These books discuss the issues in different ways. From the well known author of “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation” -Clarence Mason Weaver

“Stay Right or Be Left, Eternity is long time to be wrong!” -Weaver

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The American Revolution, Spanish-American War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean Conflict and Vietnam War combined do not equal the financial efforts we have used for the war on poverty.  If we can defeat every enemy with less effort, why can we not defeat poverty?  Because there is too much money in poverty!

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Republican vs Democrats, what is the difference. Godly vs Ungodly. Mini history lesson about slavery. It was the people who put pressure on government to change, but it is the government placing pressure on the people today. Everything you do, is controlled by the government. When are you going to have enough, we have the power to change the government. Freedom is being responsible for everything that happens to you and slavery someone else is responsible for what happens to you. Your freedom is directly connected to your worship to God.

Choose wisely or be governed foolishly.

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“Wisdom comes not from the journey, but from the experiences along the way!.”

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