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The NAACP is warning black Americans to stay away from Florida, but Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper noted that Americans of all races are obviously not heeding that politicized advice.

On the Fox News program “Hannity,” Horace discussed the NAACP’s latest ridicule-worthy publicity stunt with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and host Sean Hannity.

Horace said:

The progressives ask us who we are going to believe, them or our lying eyes?

More black Americans in particular came to Florida to create jobs, and made Florida — over the last years of the DeSantis administration — a number-one place for job growth for black Americans. In fact, the black population is growing faster than the white population in the state of Florida….

It’s a number-one destination area. People make choices using their good judgment. People are not going to Chicago to get shot, or Detroit or many of the other hellholes that the progressives have created.

Horace also noted that the NAACP and its allies are trumping up these divisive fear tactics because they know their policies have failed black Americans:

There was once a time when Democrats like FDR tried to unite us by saying that all we have to fear is fear itself.

Today’s wokesters — including the NAACP — they can rephrase that: All they have to offer is fear itself.

Author: The National Center