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On last night’s episode of “The Ingraham Angle” on the Fox News Channel, Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper said that the recent Pentagon leak controversy is more evidence that the Biden Administration has its priorities all wrong.

Horace told guest host Kayleigh McEnany and fellow panelist Sean Duffy:

We live in an extremely dangerous world, and we are probably the most attractive jewel on the planet, and it’s essential that we have intelligence agencies operating to make sure that we Americans are kept safe and this crown jewel is protected….

Since we can’t have people operate with self-restraint, self-control, what we need is an administration that recognizes how serious this is….

Our administration is far more interested in figuring out whether traditional Catholics or conservative Catholics are somehow a threat to the country rather than staying focused like a laser on the actual issues….

We’re jeopardizing in many ways our relationships based on what has happened here in such a casual way by this administration that’s lost its focus.

Author: The National Center