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On the Fox News Channel program “Hannity,” Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper criticized the way progressives treat black Americans as if the issues most important to them are different than the issues affecting all Americans.

Horace told guest host Jason Chaffetz and fellow panelist Joe Concha:

The fatal mistake of progressives is they believe — like when the president went to Morehouse — that you have to talk to the audience as if they’re from outer space. They’re yes, people who are black, but they pay a mortgage, or they plan to. They plan to get married. They plan to travel….

If you watched the rally of Donald Trump, what you saw was a man that talked to Americans.

It turns out that ALL Americans don’t like it if you show up at the Amtrak station or the rail station and somebody pushes you off.

It turns out that ALL Americans – black ones and browns, whites — don’t like if foreigners come into the country and you give them a debit card with $200, $300, $400 or $500.

There’s no special message needed….

What Trump has discovered and has recognized as president [is that] policies that help everyone are popular with all Americans.

Author: The National Center