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State lawmakers in Texas fled to Washington, D.C. in an effort to deny the Lone Star State’s legislature the quorum necessary to consider voter integrity legislation.

In chartered private jets, these liberal politicians flew away from the duties for which they campaigned in Texas. Instead, they plan to lobby in Washington to have the federal “For the People Act” – currently under consideration in the U.S. Senate – usurp state powers on voting rights.

In a panel discussion on the program “Fox News @ Night,” Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper disputed the logic of liberals leaving their posts in a protest over voter protections:

I’m not clear on what can be learned from running to Washington, D.C.

What I do understand is that, if you’re unhappy with what is occurring, you should make the steps or take the steps necessary to control the chamber so your priorities can take place.

As far as the need to ballot safeguards, Horace noted:

Now, our organization – Project 21 – actually, if you go to our website, you’ll see the reports that we’ve done on voting rights that show that black Americans are the likeliest victims of voter fraud. Absolutely, Texas is where America is, and should be allowed to go forward with voter integrity measures.

On a different topic, the panel addressed the pro-liberty uprisings in Cuba. In particular, guest host Mike Emanuel asked Horace if Secretary of State Anthony Blinken committed an “unforced error” in his comments about the protests by not mentioning the failures of communism as a root cause of the unrest. Horace replied:

My disdain for Marxism has nothing to do with the race of the practitioners, and has everything to do with the evil that that philosophy manifests. And yet, on too many college campuses, in so many… boardrooms in America and definitely among our progressive elites, there is a willingness to tolerate the teachings of this very, very evil idea that has killed so many people.

Our Secretary of State should be championing those people in the streets and saying we will back them in every way we can.

Author: David Almasi