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On “Fox News @ Night,” Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper talked with host Trace Gallagher and national security expert Jonathan Fahey about President Biden’s lack of leadership regarding both the crisis on our southern border and the shooting down of spy balloons and other floating objects.

Horace said about the administration’s shooting down of objects:

It’s pretty clear this administration has been more interested in responding to the public pressure and the media pressure about this than making national security the primary focus.

Look, we don’t know what this is. They haven’t told us if they know what this is. Is it possible that we’ve ignored for months or years these types of intrusions? And now this president, when it becomes an issue, suddenly decides: Let’s shoot it first and ask questions later.

This sounds political. It doesn’t sound principled.

Horace also discussed the border crisis:

It’s unbelievable that this administration has allowed this problem to get to this level…. I would like a principled policy of deterrence….

What I’m seeing is hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people see the signal this administration is sending: “Come to America. It’s OK.” That’s intolerable.


Author: The National Center